Furlan Darko family farm

Furlan Darko family farm

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Lika honey meadow


At the Furlan Darko family farm, the work is divided between Darko and his wife Marijana since 2005. The farm is active in beekeeping, namely in the practice of beehive moving, because this practice enables them to make different honey sorts and thus more profit. They actively keep about 100 hives.

The seat of the family farm is in Korenica, and the working station is in Otočac, where the Furlan family house is located. This object contains a section which is registered in the Veterinary Administration, the function of which is for processing, packing and storing honey. This section is equipped in accordance with the prescribed standards. There is also a modern and well-equipped honey bottler, the equipping of which was financed from the EU-funds.

The bee preparations in stock are several honey sorts (blossom, meadow, forest, heather, acacia, chestnut, garland thorn), as well as creamed honey, propolis and pollen.

The honey is mostly sold on their doorstep, and sometimes at the local market, as well as various manifestations on the destination area. They have been awarded on the national level several times. The Furlan family honey is distinguishable by the product line called Ličko kolo (the Lika wheel dance), where the connection is established between the products from Lika area and the traditional heritage. The labels are marked with bees dressed in the traditional folk costume, dancing the traditional Lika wheel dance.

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