Agrovelebit d.o.o.

Agrovelebit d.o.o.

IQM Members - Agrovelebit d.o.o.

Agrovelebit d.o.o. was founded in May 2013 in a little place called Lovinac, with the aim to initiate agricultural activity with income, with emphasis on the Lika potato as an autochthonous product, protected by the geographical heritage mark, as well as seed potato. In 2017 they produced the Lika potato on 18 ha, and the seed potato on 10 ha of land.

They are the only certified producer of the Lika potato who can offer greater supply for the market and adequately store and pack the potatoes by the modern market standards, and all that with the protection putting aside the illegal competition (trying to sell other sorts of potato as the Lika sort), so it can be expected that the demand will increase without any significant investments in the promotion.

This also applies to sale of the seed potato to agro-pharmacies (hobby program), where Agrovelebit keeps up with the latest trends (small packages of 5 - 10 kg), but this aspect is not as appealing to the customers.

Agrovelebit has also received a certificate of accordance with Biotechnicon (an authorized certified instance for defining accordance of agricultural food products, or food products which carry the authenticity mark or geographical heritage mark) for the Lika potato, a Certificate of acknowledgement for the seeding crops by the Croatian center for agriculture, food and rural affairs and a Certificate of accordance with the HACCP norms for production and packaging of potatoes.

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