Lika Destination Inventory

Lika Destination Inventory

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Lika Destination delights visitors with its unique combination of rich cultural heritage and untouched nature. This region has an exceptional geographical position and is known for its forests, mountains, rivers and lakes.

Lika is a region with deep roots in Croatian history, and its cultural heritage is reflected in numerous traditions, customs and monuments. Folk architecture, churches and museums bear witness to the region's rich past. The destination abounds in breathtaking natural treasures. Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world. Its crystal clear waters, untouched forests and impressive waterfall formations make it a place that brings the visitor back into harmony with nature. The Lika landscape is also adorned with high mountain peaks, such as Velebit, home to some of the most exciting hiking trails in the region. The Northern Velebit National Park delights nature lovers with beautiful viewpoints, wild animals and rare plant species.


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