Turkalj Petar family farm

Turkalj Petar family farm

IQM Members - Turkalj Petar family farm

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Crab cheese                              Glavan Crab curd

Rakovica white cheese                Rakovica cheese

Smoked Rakovica fresh cheese    Rakovica cheese skripavac


The Turkalj Petar family farm was founded in 2001, when the family had 7 cows and worked on 5 ha of land. Through selection of female young, the family has now formed a herd of 30 high quality dairy cows and 20 livestock units of female young, and enlarged their estate to 75 ha. They produce 700 l of milk on a daily basis, 200 l of which is processed on the farm, and the rest is sold to a cheese factory of higher capacity. The cattle food (except for mineral and vitamin supplements) is also produced by the family on their own and rented estates.


The cheese factory was equipped and registered for production in 2013, the year when the milk processing scaled to 200 l per day, which is also their current capacity.

In 2015, Petar Turkalj has won the „Mlada nada“ award (hr mlada nada = en rising star) within the „Zlata vrijedan” project (hr zlata vrijedan = en golden value), as well as other numerous awards and acknowledgements for the family's products.

In 2016, they have won the bronze medal at the 13th international cheese festival in Tyrol (Austria) for their semi-soft cheese Rakovica Glavan with 90-day maturing. The same cheese has also won a bronze diploma by the Expert committee for cheese rating, as well as a silver diploma by caterers and reporters. The Rakovica Vlasac cheese made from cooked cow milk has won a silver diploma by the Expert committee in 2016. The cooked milk cheese and the škripavac cheese have both won silver diplomas.

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