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Agrovelebit d.o.o.

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Products with the Lika Quality label:

Potatoes from Lika

Seed potatoes


The company Agrovelebit d.o.o. was founded in May 2013 in the area of the Municipality of Lovinac with the aim of starting profitable agricultural production, primarily Lika potatoes as an autochthonous product protected by the designation of geographical origin and seed potatoes. In 2017, Lika potatoes were produced on 18 ha, and seed potatoes on 10 ha. They are the only certified producer of Lika potatoes that can offer significant quantities for the market, but also package them adequately meeting modern marketing standards, all with protection that will remove illegal competition (those who sell potatoes under Lika), therefore it is expected that the demand will increase without significant investment in promotion. This refers to the sale of seed potatoes to farm pharmacies (hobby program), where also Agrovelebit d.o.o. follows trends (small packages of 5-10 kg), which is a less interesting program for importers. They also received a certificate of conformity from Biotehnicon (an authorized certification body for determining the conformity of agricultural or food products bearing a mark of origin or a mark of geographical origin) for Lika potatoes, Certificates of recognition of the seed crop of the Croatian Center for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and a certificate of satisfaction HACCP standard for the production and packaging of potatoes.

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