Mini Lika association

Mini Lika association

Lika quality - Mini Lika association

„Mini Lika“ is an association for preservation of the traditional culture, handcraft, souvenir production and design. It was founded in 2019 and aims to promote creative expression. The association's main activity is the production of ornaments and details that are reminiscent of the traditional Lika characteristics, and the development and promotion of various souvenirs.

The little sheep „Pramenka“ was a marketing idea of the „Lika“ sheep farming cooperative as a means of promotion of the European quality mark that the cooperative was given by the European Commission in 2018. The sheep was introduced at the Presentation of the Lika lamb in Brussels in March of 2019.

The little Lika bear „Likota“, being a protected Lika fauna species, has a red and black cap and presents Lika and its culture.

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