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The company Farma Angus d.o.o. is active in extensive farming of meat breeds of cattle in Udbina since 2008. They have started with the Red Angus breed, hence the company name. Today, the basic herd has 170 cows of the Aubrac breed, 300 cows of the aforementioned Angus breed, and will soon include 170 cows of the Blonde d` Aquitaine breed. This means that there are between 350 to 450 cows on the farm at any given moment, when all the other categories are included. All the mentioned breeds are adapted to the conditions of the areas where they are, which means that they are adapted to extreme weather, from cold winters to hot summers, and are capable of converting relatively small amounts of grass and fodder into a great amount of high quality meat. This quality is mostly due to the exceptional quality of the grass that is found on our pastures. The farm uses about 1000 ha for grazing and fodder production at a location so remote from any possible pollution source, so it is no wonder that it was certified as an eco-friendly producer in 2013.

The farms finds product placement through direct sale to butcheries in Gospić and Zagreb and intends to start selling their products over the Internet, with the possibility of ordering from their website. They are currently in negotiation to find the best way to pack the meat in different categories, so that their meat could be more accessible to more customers.

In cooperation with several travel agencies, they also organize farm tours, where the visitors can be educated on this type of farming and production. In 2019, the company changed its name to Natura Beef d.o.o.

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