Prospero association

Prospero association

Lika quality - Prospero association

Products in the Lika Quality system:

Ceramic figurine - My happy sheep                        Felted sheep "Meri"

Likota ceramic figurine                                              My Lika Popes

Ceramic figurine Ličanka                                          My Lika Popes redesign

Felt slippers "Janja"


The Prospero Association was founded on August 21, 2003. year as a response to the problems, above all, of unemployment and the poor position of women and young people in society. Through the Association, we increase the awareness of the public and institutions about women's human rights, the need for employment and economic empowerment, through education and retraining. The vision of the Association is to improve the position of women and build civil society through counseling and education.

On August 7, 2018, the Prospero Association founded the Sustainable Company j.d.o.o. and transferred the entire production with all technology to its company.

Sustainable company j.d.o.o. now produces a ceramic figurine covered with wool - my lucky sheep, ceramic figurine "Likota", ceramic figurine "Ličanka", felt slippers "Janja" and felt sheep "Meri".

Sustainable company j.d.o.o. performs the activity of production and trade of goods, provision of services or performs artistic activity that generates income on the market, and which has a favorable impact on the environment, contributes to the improvement of the development of the local community and society as a whole.

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