Balenović Nikola family farm

Balenović Nikola family farm

Lika quality - Balenović Nikola family farm

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Floral honey

Honey bee honey

Honey heather


The Balenović family farm was entered in the Register of businesses with animal products in 2009, as well as businesses with packing and storing honey. Since then, they have been active in moving beekeeping. They collect several sorts of sort honey in Mali Žitnik. They produce cca. 600 kg of honey every year.

Along with propolis, pollen, beeswax and other products, the bees from this farm also make several sorts of honey on the Gospić greater area (linden, heather, several sorts of forest honey…). The blossom honey and the forest honey have been carrying the „Med hrvatskih pčelinjaka (honey from Croatian apiaries, author’s comment)“ mark since 2017.

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