Author E j.d.o.o.

Author E j.d.o.o.

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Broch ''Gačanska kopča''


At the manufacturer Author E j.d.o.o. the urban theme dominates with recognizable Japanese motifs that permeate the real and the fantastic, because you are entering my colorful and cheerful world, so everyone who wants to blossom their world and leave a mark in this restrained time knows that they can find it in our workshop.

I am not alone in my work, my husband Damir also works with me, who successfully connects the ancient and the modern, working with copper and wood as his favorite expression.

In 2007, I received an award for an original souvenir of the Lika-Senj County, as a cultural and historical souvenir. It's about the Gačan buckle, for which I was inspired by the Japanese fibula, which attracted me with its simplicity.

''Gačanska kopča'' derives from the perfect and simple form of its shape, its symbolism of eternal movement in time and space, and the diversity of materials only contributes to the coloristic flexibility of changing fashion trends. I wanted to show that the jewelry of ancient Japods is above all modern jewelry, that it is timeless and permanent. It is made of twists and spirals, interconnected "eights". That "eight", as a mathematical sign of infinity, connects two worlds, two universes. To me, it proved to be a perfect template for making jewelry from silver and copper, and I transfer it to other materials, textiles, wool, weaving.

My need for creative expression has always been an integral part of me. My late father was a filigree master and goldsmith, my mother's family was engaged in making filigree jewelry. In Zagreb, where I was born, I graduated from the School of Culture and Art, and fashion design at the School of Textile Design. Always inclined to take risks and dress unconventionally.

Everything I do is emphasized on cultural heritage and my ''Gačanska kopča'', that tiny spiral and eight, is the most deserving of my expression and therefore the best seller.

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