Vegium d.o.o.

Vegium d.o.o.

Lika quality - Vegium d.o.o.

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Basa                     Semi-hard cheese "Kubus"

Yogurt                   Hard cheese "Sveti Vid"

Milk                      Fruit yogurt strawberry

Curd                      Raspberry fruit yogurt

Fresh cheese         Fruit yogurt Forest fruits

Cream                   Škripavac

Sour milk


Vegium d.o.o. for property management and tourist agency is a business which, along with their base communal activities, is becoming more active in developing of their touristic, catering and agronomic activities, not only in their coastal areas, but in the mountain areas, as well. By connecting all the three above mentioned activities, they are trying to expand their business, so that touristic aspect is developed on the basis of the rich gastronomic offer with emphasis on growing and offering local produce, as well as dishes that contain the produce grown on their farm.

Having set these goals, they have also registered the Vegium farm within their existing business in 2016 and at the moment the farm has 10 milking cows, 11 horses for recreational riding and carriage riding, as well as 80 milking goats. Their offer has spread since 2016 with products such as fresh homemade cow and goat milk and dairy products: buttermilk, basa cheese, curd, škripavac cheese, semi-soft and hard cheese sorts, which are produced on their farm. At the moment, they are having mini cheese factories built, which will further spread their offer and productivity in their future development. They have also begun with growing cereal and vegetable crops in the Baške Oštarije area, which they see as having free hands in creating a gastronomic offer in their catering objects.

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