Tušak d.o.o.

Tušak d.o.o.

Lika quality - Tušak d.o.o.

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Plum jam

Raspberry jam


The company Tušak d.o.o. from Gospić was founded in 1999 as a step further in the family business of making baked goods. They started with just the baked goods, but have evolved onto confection in 2002. They have cooperated with every major buyer in the Lika area (shopping centres, public institutions, restaurants and smaller local shops). Beside the mentioned activities, they have also spread their own retail (10 shops in Gospić, Perušić and Karlobag). As the company's business was successful, a new baking-related direction, that could open new doors for the business, appeared. In the last few years they have also started making marmalades for their own baked goods. The company has also been active in the revitalization planning of agricultural production as a basis for the development of the rural Lika area. This is why the company sees the processing of the local fruit into jams and selling them through their own retail and their partners their contribution the mentioned cause, with the emphasis on tourism. The aim here is to develop their own brand „deLIKAtessa“. They began by joining forces with a local family farm which provides them with plums and raspberries, which will in turn be processed into jam. It is their hope and belief that the Lika Quality system could help them to place their products on the market.

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