Čačić Alenka family farm

Čačić Alenka family farm

Lika quality - Čačić Alenka family farm

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Veal drills

Veal meat drills


Robert and Alenka Čačić have been breeding the native Lika cattle breed called Buša on spacious pastures in the village of Ostrvica, 10 kilometers from Gospić, since 2010. They own around one hundred of cattle and forty calves of the smallest cow breed in the world, a breed accommodated to the modest circumstances of Lika.

This cattle breed is used to living in Lika territory, and is suitable for extensive breeding, which encompasses pasture breeding in modest conditions, so the Buša cattle do not require a lot of maintenance. Male calves are bred for meat, which is sold by the Čačić family in their butchery „Cesarica“ in the center of Gospić. The family also has a slaughterhouse for the cattle. The consumers have recognized the quality of the family's products, so they do not have trouble finding market placement. Beside their own butchery, the family also sells their meat to restaurants. In Gospić, restaurant „Maki“ offers meals made from Buša meat.  The restaurant's entrance is marked with a board describing this cattle breed used for preparation of stews, roasts…

Alenka and Robert have begun with breeding of Lika Buša eleven years ago. They have bought the cattle with money made from selling sheep that they used to breed before. This way they have made their capital and bought 28 cows. The have leased 170 ha of state-owned land. The Čačić family, the largest producers of Buša in Lika, stated that this is the job they love and to which they have subjected everything else. The farm was founded in the village of Ostrvica, which was inhabited by only 16 people, according to the 2011 population census.

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