Vlainić Ivan family farm

Vlainić Ivan family farm

Lika quality - Vlainić Ivan family farm

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Plum brandy               Honey brandy

Cider brandy              Raspberry liqueur


The Vlainić family from Prvan Selo near Perušić has been growing fruit and producing schnapps for almost a hundred years. The family has passed on the traditional skill of growing high quality fruit and production of variety schnapps. The idea for these products to be introduced to the market arose in 2002. The schnapps production is limited. The schnapps is made, cultivated and packed in the family's own facilities, traditionally and manually. During the entire schnapps production process, Stilanova Lika nurtures the traditional way of production, but also applies the latest technological procedures and equipment, the result of which is a premium quality product. The guarantee for quality are numerous awards that our schnapps varieties have won in Croatian and international rating events and trade fairs.

Early in 2010, the family started composing the object which was meant to produce and store 7 varieties of schnapps (plum, quince, pear, apple, honey, cherry and carob). A lot of effort is made in the process of fruit picking, so the preparation for fermentation process prerequisites only completely healthy and ripe fruits, as well as picking in relatively controlled conditions. All varieties are packed in bottles of 0,05L, 0,2L, 0,375L, 0,75L and 1L, as well as packages for catering objects. The Vlainić family also has an open schnapps tasting spot on their estate

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