Jadri – Trade d.o.o.

Jadri – Trade d.o.o.

Lika quality - Jadri – Trade d.o.o.

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Lika smoked sausage                 Dry Lika sausage

Lika dry boar sausage                 Lika blood sausage

Tlačenica Jerković                       Kulen seka "Jerković"

Lika smoked pork loin                  Smoked pork bun

Lika smoked sirloin                      Smoked Lika cheek


Jadri-trade d.o.o. Otočac was founded in 1991 as a fruit and grocery shop.

In 1998, they also opened their first butcher shop and built their slaughtering and meat processing unit, so the main activity of the company became butchery and meat production. The meat is distributed in their own delivery vehicles, mostly through their own shops.

In 2016, the company director switches the company activities from slaughtering into meat production and processing, which was modernized in accordance with the standards of the EU.

The company is currently active in the Lika-Senj county and Zagreb, that is, in three of their butcher shops.

The company produces fresh beef, baby beef, veal, lamb and pork meat. When it comes to deli meats, the company makes cured ham which was smoked and wind-dried, as the tradition of Lika dictates. There are also homemade smoked Lika sausage, cured Lika sausage, headcheese, and Lika blood sausage, also made in the traditional manner. The company also makes various industrial sausages, kebab sausages and meat patties.

The reason why these products are special and unique is the fact that they are of Croatian origin. The livestock for the meat is gathered from small family farms in the regions of Lika and Slavonija.

Seeing as the market changes rapidly and thus the consumers' desires, as well, the company management has decided to reconstruct the slaughter unit in 2018, which will lead to improved meat quality that the company's consumers are now used to.

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