Homemade handicraft by Slavica Čorak

Homemade handicraft by Slavica Čorak

Lika quality - Homemade handicraft by Slavica Čorak

Products in the Lika Quality system:

Lika teddy bear in a costume

Doll ''Ličanka''

Teddy bear ''Ličanin''

Bottle ''Ličanin''


Slavica Čorak was born in 1958. After graduating from the tailoring high school, Mrs. Slavica has been sewing and tailoring clothes and similar items all her life. In 2021, she opened a home-made business and, in addition to sewing clothes, also makes souvenirs. Over the past years, as a member of the Gačanka association, she has collaborated with numerous folklore and cultural and artistic societies, reconstructing and making folk costumes and developing knowledge about handicrafts and the cultural heritage of Lika.

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