OPG Vunena čarolija

OPG Vunena čarolija

Lika quality - OPG Vunena čarolija

Product with Lika Quality label:

Felt wool product - bear

Bear - woolly muzzle


The family farm was founded in 2021. The family farm is located in Lipovlje, not far from the town of Otočac. Mrs. Marijana Marincel is the owner of the economy who has connected her love for tradition with the modern and shows her creativity through the use of wool. He makes his products using the dry wool felting technique. Given that the bear is one of the most recognizable symbols of Mrs. Marijana's image, it is precisely the most common motive for making it. The felt bear is made from wool obtained from local sheep farmers. It is flexible due to the wire armature (skeleton) in it and can therefore be placed in different positions.

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