''Škrinjica-Gospić'' association

''Škrinjica-Gospić'' association

Lika quality - ''Škrinjica-Gospić'' association

Products with the Lika Quality label:

''Ličan'' and ''Ličanka'' made of felted wool

Lika bear made of felted wool

Canvas bag with felt motifs Like

Bust of Nikola Tesla


Association promoting, creative expression, making handicrafts, souvenirs and design "Škrinjica-Gospić" led by the president of the Association, Mrs. Jadranka Baburić-Štimac (abbreviated Association "Škrinjica-Gospić") was founded on June 6, 2013. The main activities of the Association are the creation of unique souvenirs, paintings, jewelry, etc., all for the purpose of promoting Lika culture and customs with the aim of developing the cultural and artistic spirit in the area of Lika and Gospić.

Association "Škrinjica-Gospić" sells its products at symbolic prices in places such as the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center, Tourist Information Center TZ Gospić, at the fair "Autumn in Lika" and in local flower shops.

The products of the "Škrinjica-Gospić" Association have become recognizable within the local community in the last ten years, and with the acquisition of the right to use the Lika Quality Mark, they have become recognizable even more widely.

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