Saborsko women's action

Saborsko women's action

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Woven kitchen towels


Saborsko women's action is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010, its aim being the promotion, support and organizing of women as leaders and stimulators of social activity in the Saborsko municipality in the Karlovac county.

It is active in preservation of cultural and native identity, among other activities.

As an association, they are active in many fields in order to accomplish their goals. Some of them are informing the public about their work, organizing educational workshops, helping women and socially marginalized individuals to reaffirm their creativity, taking part in suggestions to local and regional strategies, participating in tenders, conducting projects for the development of their community.

Because of their respect to the former harsher lifestyle, they have decided to use their association to preserve the tradition of the past.

The woven towels and tea towels are made traditionally, which is how the old folks used to make them. The tea towels are mostly white (woven from prejica thread) and embroidered with colored prejica in color pattern of mostly red, white and blue. The length of the towels varies from 40 to 60 cm.

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