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Zorić family farm

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Beekeeping has always been a traditional activity in our family, and the basic product MED was produced for our own needs. We decided to take a serious approach to beekeeping in 2014, when we founded OPG and started professional production. Investments and expectations start accordingly. Through strategic planning of the development of the economy, we decide for the intensive production of selected queen bees, which we initially produced for our own needs, but we recognized them as a representative product and the possibility of placing and marketing it.

In the same year, we start preparations for the intensive production of selected queen bees, while a year later we become a member of the breeding organization "Croatian Association of Selected Queen Bee Breeders". By registering in the Register of Queen Breeders under serial number 68, and in accordance with the criteria of the Honey Bee Breeding Program (Apis mellifera carnica), we become registered breeders.

The production of selected queen bees becomes the main activity of the farm. In addition to the selected production of queen bees, we also put bee products on the market (honey, flower powder, propolis, wax, royal jelly...). The quality and natural products that our family farm produces on its apiaries are recognized locally and throughout the country. At the foot of Velebit, in the wider area of Gospić and its surroundings, bees bring the smells and tastes of Lika's meadows and forests to their hives. Thus, in our offer you can find meadow honey, honeydew, shriek, heather, linden honey... With a lot of work and with great care, we prepare and put on the market the best of bees and nature.

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