The Museum of Gacka in Otočac

The Museum of Gacka in Otočac

IQM Members - The Museum of Gacka in Otočac

The Museum of Gacka is located in the very center of the city of Otočac. In the museum you can learn about the history of Otočac and discover how life has evolved near the cleanest river in Croatia - the river Gacka - through thousands of years. Museum’s permanent exhibition consists of 5 collections, but the archaeological and ethnographic collection are a bit more special than others.

The archaeological collection presents a six thousand years long history of people inhabiting this part of ​​Croatia. From the prehistoric Lasinja culture and the culture of Iapydes to the medieval fortified island of Otočac - this collection reveals impressive history of this region.

The ethnographic collection is dedicated to the traditional rural life and customs of the inhabitants of Otočac and Gacka from the end of the 19th century. This collection will show you how a typical country house - with kitchen, sleeping room, and ironing machine that worked without electricity - looked like.

The Museum of Gacka is not the only stopping point in this area. When leaving the Museum, each visitor will receive informative leaflet about cultural and natural landmarks that can be visited nearby. Have we already mentioned that professional guidance in Museum of Gacka is free for all visitors?

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