Bogdanić Helena family farm

Bogdanić Helena family farm

IQM Members - Bogdanić Helena family farm

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Rosehip jam

Plum jam

Raspberry jam

Nettle syrup

Elderflower syrup


The Bogdanić Helena family farm from Otočac exists since 2014. The farm contains a garden and an orchard behind the house and its surface is 5500 m2. It is located by the Gacka river and planted with many fruit and vegetable sorts, as well as decorative plants and undergrowth (annual and perennial). The farm's worth can be found in the fact that is registered in the Register of producers in ecological production, and is active in organic growing of fruits and vegetables, as well as their processing.

 The Ministry of Environment and Energy has given the farm a ruling by which they can collect the self-seeding plants and their parts, the farm is registered in the Registered users list by the Ministry of Health (for the production of marmalades, jams and syrups). Along with being sold at various fairs in Croatia, the products can also be found in several healthy shops and in hotels in Rakovica and Opatija.

Some of this farm's valuable ecological produce which make the customers come back for more are the home-made plum marmalade and the homemade rosehip marmalade, both made in the traditional manner.

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