Šop Dragan family farm

Šop Dragan family farm

Lika quality - Šop Dragan family farm

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The Šop Dragan family farm was founded in 2005, and has been active in raspberry cultivation since 2011. Dragan Šop is the first producer of raspberries on the LAG LIKA area and today his estate in Lički Osik (6.600 m2 of surface) contains around 8.500 raspberry plants. Mr. Šop grows two raspberry varieties which are chemically untreated and completely eco-friendly; the only means are irrigation, regular pruning and supplementation. The harvesting can take up to 40 days.

Only carefully selected and completely healthy fruits are sold to customers, so that these raspberries can legitimately carry the „Lika Quality“ mark. The water used for the irrigation of the estate is rainwater, so when it comes to raspberries, the Šop Dragan family farm puts ecology first.

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