Golac trade for production and commerce

Golac trade for production and commerce

Lika quality - Golac trade for production and commerce

Ivan and Senka Golac regularly roam the Lika terrain, especially the Velebit beech forests, from the bottom to the top. Their long experience in picking and collecting mushrooms has encouraged them to produce authentic, extraordinary and healthy products, their leading thought being quality and the motto „only sun, water and earth“. They have registered for processing and conserving fruits and vegetables, trade and wild forest products.

Their products are high-quality and have found their customers in Croatian and German markets. They are also preparing to place the products to the Dutch market. Selling points: healthy shops in Opatija and Zadar, restaurants in Zadar and Plitvice Lakes.

It is a scientific fact that some mushroom sorts (cep, chanterelle, morel, horn of plenty) discharge compounds with anticancer effects and matter with antibiotic and immune-stimulatory effects. They can be prepared in countless ways, having not only an exceptional taste, but a high nutritional value, as well. The mushrooms are packed in 50 g and 70 g packages, but you can also get them in 1 kg bags in bulk.

The wild fruit tea has won the Croatian delicacy award by Jutarnji list (Croatian newspaper, author's comment). It mostly contains the fruits of wild apple and rosehip, along with fruits of hawthorn, blackthorn, juniper, wild pear and blackberry. It does not need additional sweetening, has a rich fruity scent, does not contain caffeine, and is packed in packages of 130 g and 200 g.

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