Cake manufacturing trade “Plitvička štrudla”

Cake manufacturing trade “Plitvička štrudla”

Lika quality - Cake manufacturing trade “Plitvička štrudla”

Products with the Lika Quality label:

Plitvice cheese strudel


Mrs Gordana Radaković and her trade „Plitvice strudel“ have entered the second decade. The trade is active in making the strudel pastry in the traditional, trading manner, individually and without any industrial ingredients, such as readymade mixtures and various additives, aromas and flavor enhancers.

The strudels are hand made in small series and always with fresh ingredients (freshly peeled and grated apples, walnuts and poppy seeds are ground before the cake making, and the cheese and the cream are bought from local registered producers).

This approach has shown that this pastry has definitely become distinguishable, which enables the development of some new level of Lika's gastro, that is, confectionery offer.

Along with the touristic season, the strudels are sold on eco-ethno fairs, trade fairs, good food festivals etc. The strudel has won many awards, a Quality and Original Product Diploma, it has also won the second place at the „Proizvodi hrvatskog sela (Croatian village products, author’s comment)“ manifestation, as well as the best food souvenir of the Kvarner Expo…

It entered the Mercator chain store in 2007, Kaufland in 2016, and today it can be found in Konzum chain stores in Zagreb and in whole of Dalmatia.

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