Eko Vedrine d.o.o.

Eko Vedrine d.o.o.

Lika quality - Eko Vedrine d.o.o.

Products in the Lika Quality system are:

Basa chesse

Sour milk

Škripavac cheese

Eko Vedrine d.o.o. is located in Vedrine below Vaganski vrh. They are specific in that they chose a curious "Jersey" cow for their mother breed, curious and good-natured cows known for the highest quality milk with the highest milk fat and protein of all beef breeds. Therefore, they produce traditional Lika dairy products with 5 to 6.3% milk fat such as: škripavac, sour, boiled cheeses, solid and liquid yogurts, varenika, basa, fresh cheese and cream and fresh milk.

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