Eko Vedrine d.o.o.

Eko Vedrine d.o.o.

Lika quality - Eko Vedrine d.o.o.

Products in the Lika Quality system are:

Basa chesse                                            Raspberry fruit yogurt

Acid                                                         Cooked cheese                                

Škripavac cheese                                    Varenika

Homemade sour cream butter                Fresh cheese

Solid yogurt                                             Sour cream

Liquid yogurt


Eko Vedrine d.o.o. is located in Vedrine below Vaganski vrh. They are specific in that they chose a curious "Jersey" cow for their mother breed, curious and good-natured cows known for the highest quality milk with the highest milk fat and protein of all beef breeds. Therefore, they produce traditional Lika dairy products with 5 to 6.3% milk fat such as: škripavac, sour, boiled cheeses, solid and liquid yogurts, varenika, basa, fresh cheese and cream and fresh milk.

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