Homemade handicraft by Očica Ovčica

Homemade handicraft by Očica Ovčica

Lika quality - Homemade handicraft by Očica Ovčica

Products with the Lika Quality label

Magnet - Ličanin (A man from Lika)
Pendant - Ličanin (A man from Lika)


Domestic handicraft Očica Ovčica started working in 2020 in order to promote its region, preserve traditional values, spread the beauty of creativity and personal satisfaction. A rich assortment of products consists of souvenirs from Lika and Gacka, as well as jewelry and various fashion accessories handmade by the technique of crocheting, knitting or sewing from the most common materials of Croatian manufacturers. All products are inspired by the tradition of the region and have their own unique story. They are presented at some local fairs, and can be found in the souvenir shop of PP Grabovača and NP Sjeverni Velebit and in the local bookstore / gift gallery Trgovina drvetom Otočac. Some famous people, such as Ana Rucner, Lu Jakelić, Andree Andrassy and former president Kolinda Grabar - Kitarović, also supported the work by advertising our products.

In order to promote their region and work, a catalog of souvenirs of Lika and Gacka was made, which can be viewed on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and the website of the Tourist Board of the town of Otočac. There were souvenirs such as traditional Lika footwear (coklje), Lika hat, bearded Ličanin, pramenka sheep, brown bear, Lika bee and domestic trout as pendants, magnets, pages or decorations. With their originality and uniqueness, they attracted the sympathy of tourists and locals.

All other items are inspired by tradition and homeland and as such are adapted to the functionality and wearability of today.

In order not to forget the handicrafts and the beauty of our tradition, we feel like little promoters of our region. We keep the tradition of this area from being forgotten, but in a modern and slightly different way, and we really enjoy it all.

An indispensable souvenir in our offer of Lika and Gacka souvenirs is the character of Ličanin. It is a name for a resident of Lika. He is recognizable by his Lika red cap and long mustache. Many works of art depict Lika people with long mustaches, so it has become a kind of trademark of Lika people. It also fits very well into our souvenir that comes as a pendant and magnet. They are handmade from cotton thread using the crochet technique. Crocheting is one of the old crafts of our region which was practiced by women and girls. Apart from the fact that these two souvenirs are recognizable by the motif for our region, they are also guardians of old crafts. The pendant and magnet are about 5 cm in size.

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