Banić Ana family farm

Banić Ana family farm

Lika quality - Banić Ana family farm

Ana Banić family farm was founded on 2002 and has been enthusiastic and professional in agricultural activity 17 years, which brought a lot of experience for all its members. Through her mostly volunteer work and dedication, the family owner Ana Banić has made sure that the farm is active in dairy production the whole time, despite unpredictable und unfavourable conditions for this kind of business in Croatia.

There are currently 12 milking cows on the farm (Simental and red and black Holstein breeds) that spend the whole day grazing on our local meadows and pastures. Besides animal farming, the farm also produces various grains, such as oat, barley, wheat and clover (for animal fodder) and potato (for personal needs, but also for sale).

Other animals on our farm are chickens, pigeons, rabbits, bulls and goats.

Our plan for the future is rural touristic activity on the farm, which will enable us to promote local produce, healthy and homemade fixings and meals that will be free for our guests to make from the products that they have picked themselves.

The potato is grown on a 50 ha surface in accordance with all the ecological regulations, and the amount of the seed potato has increased in amount in the last few years.

Last year's harvest was very satisfying, so we believe and hope that it will remain the same this year.

When it comes to the product itself, the potato is of Lika origin, it is characterized through its quality throughout Croatia and wider. We grow two kinds: red and yellow potato.

The recommendations for preparation are that red potato is better for boiling, whereas yellow potato is better for baking.

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