Family Farm Starčević

Family Farm Starčević

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Calf Buše


Family Farms Starčević is registered in the Register of Family Farms, and the holder is Mile Starčević with its headquarters in Kalinovača near Gospić.

Mr. Mile has been the owner of a family farm since 2014 and has the appropriate knowledge in the field of agriculture, which he deals with, more precisely in animal husbandry. OPG Starčević deals with the breeding of the autochthonous Bush breed and their hybrids in the "suckler cow" system. They currently own 15 heads and offspring. Their plan is to increase the number of heads in the next period and switch to organic production. Cattle can graze freely throughout the year, except during the winter months when they are housed in a barn.

The holder of the family farm has a certificate of completion of the breeding program of valid breeding animals of the Buša breed. In 2016, 2018 and 2019, this family received the award of the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food for the awarded head in the collection of cows of the Buša breed.

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