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Velebit villas


The Medenko trade is a family trade that was registered in 2019. The main activity of its business is based on the rental of recreational equipment, but in 2022 we also started to produce souvenirs.

At the beginning of 2022, we tried to come up with how and in what way to promote Lika through the production of souvenirs that will be made with materials characteristic of our region and which will have their foundations and a story specifically related to Velebit and our Lika.

Through the idea, we came to the realization of it and designed a souvenir that has exactly everything we wanted. So, it is a souvenir of the "Velebit Castle", the production of which was based on the use of domestic wool, dyed wool, fabric with a checkerboard pattern and tricolor tape. Each fairy is accompanied by an elaborate story "I'll tell you a story" which is written in Ikavica as well as in English. The story was written based on data collected on the Internet.

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